Do I have to pay Taxes & Duties?

In most cases, yes.

Different countries handle Taxes & Duties in different ways.  While in some cases you may not pay Taxes & Duties in your country for chess related products, the majority of countries do charge Taxes & Duties. As an International customer, if your country charges Taxes & Duties, you are expected to pay those costs.

As a courtesy, our system is usually able to offer one shipping option that includes an estimated Taxes and Duties option.  This option is presented at checkout and should display "Fedex International Economy Duties & Taxes Included" on the same line. If you select any other rate, you are opting to pay the actual Taxes & Duties before delivery.

You can calculate the estimated Taxes and Duties by subtracting that rate from the identical shipping rate that doesn't not include Taxes & Duties. See the example in this link:

If you have questions, please contact us before placing your order.

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